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Month: August 2001

From the Austin Chronicle: An Open Letter to Vanessa Leggett – Read this. Props go to Michael Ventura for writing such a stirring letter in defense of Ms. Leggett and the First Amendment. Here are a couple of quotes from the letter that are especially profound: The appeals court might take a refresher course, though, […]

Also via Blogdex I found an incredible interview with the greatest writer of the 20th Century, Ray Bradbury Here are some of the juiciest quotes from the interview: Q: What do you think of President Bush? A: He’s wonderful. We needed him. Clinton is a shithead and we’re glad to be rid of him. And […]

Today’s NY Times has a stirring story on the first free elections in East Timor. I can’t help but be moved as I see a nation find it’s own identity and place in the world. I only wish people here had the kind of pride in the right of voting that the East Timorese have.

Well I found out there’s hope for all of us single bloggers out there. According to blogging is one of the best ways to find a significant other known to man. (Not that I’m holding my breath or anything. Singleness is good too, and should be relished with passion while it lasts.)

Ok, here’s on more painting I have to share. It is by far, IMHO the best portrait of Jesus that I have seen. I saw it in person at The Met this summer and was stirred by it. I only wish the online reproduction at the Met’s website was in color. Christ Crowned with Thorns […] © 2015 Frontier Theme