Greetings all,

Sorry I haven’t done a good job of keeping this thing updated, but that will change as I’ve gotten all fired up reading a Mediachannel story on blogging.

So anyway, here are some of the latest links of interest…

First, Austin sites that I should mention include The pedi-cab petition, which I must admit is a shameless plug for a petition I’ve started to help all of my fellow pedi-cab drivers;, a comprehensive (but rather cluttered) Austin portal site, and Michael Bluejay’s Austin Bicycling website, the definitive source for Austin bicycling info.

If you’re interested in following the upcoming NYC mayor’s race, check these sites out: – This is the campaign site from the real guy that the Seinfeld character was based on. He got the Libertarian party’s nomination for mayor of NYC and from what I can see is running a decent campaign. – NY – a good resource for researching all of the candidates on the upcoming NYC city election. They have all of the candidates, even those of 3rd parties.

NY Green Party newsletter

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