From the Austin Chronicle: An Open Letter to Vanessa Leggett – Read this. Props go to Michael Ventura for writing such a stirring letter in defense of Ms. Leggett and the First Amendment.

Here are a couple of quotes from the letter that are especially profound:

    The appeals court might take a refresher course, though, to learn that the word “journalism” is founded on “journal,” rooted in the French jour meaning “day” and journal meaning “daily.” The original English usage of journalist meant: one who keeps a journal, a record of the day. The words “profession” and “professional” are based on “profess.” Fundamental to the idea of being a professional is an act of speech and conviction. My dictionary defines profess as “to declare or admit openly.” Its first definition of professional is “an open declaration or avowal of a belief or opinion.”

When I read this, I am struck by how the whole blogging phenomenum is true journalism. It is truly “keeping a record of the day.”

    Houston’s prosecutors are trying to make an exception and an example, of you; if they can do it to you, they and their kind will try to do it to others. Meanwhile, some Senate Republicans are trying to nullify the First Amendment itself.

    A recent poll reported that a majority of Americans think the First Amendment goes too far. They think their own constitution is too radical. They’re uneasy with the fact that it was written by revolutionaries — so radical, so revolutionary, and of such integrity, that those Founders imposed limits upon the very power they’d won. They meant for their descendants to cope with their revolutionary ideals, like it or not. Many don’t. Yet there are still some willing to go to the wall for the 45 precious words of that amendment.

Get up off your feet folks! It’s time to act. If you’re not Blogging, do it! Exercise your rights while you still can. Use all possible forms of media to let your voice be known, whether it is online, print, or even RADIO!