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Month: September 2001

A recent column by Molly Ivins, whom I ussually agree with has taken a pretty hardline in favor of gun control. I agree with you Molly, with one caveat… ban all the guns, starting with the ones the cops carry. I for one don’t like the thought of a world where only the cops have […] reports that Austin resident, Michael Dell is #15 on its top 400 richest Americans list at 9.8 Billion dollars. OK, think about this… 9.8 billion dollars divided by 1 million (my guess of the Austin metro population) is $9,800 per person! This is whack that there is this kind of gap between the rich […]

USA Today has broke the story that small units of US and UK special forces are engaged in a secret manhunt for bin Laden in southwestern Afghanistan. ABC News has an interview with a defector from the al Queda organization. The Washington Post has a on the last minute spiritual and practical directions for the […]

I found this from a NY Times story: Mr. Jackson, 59, said in an NBC television interview today that he had discussed the matter with Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and the national security adviser Condoleeza Rice, who he said were “not at all hostile” to the proposed mission, But Mr. Powell’s deputy, Richard […]

From MSNBC: US Diplomats to leave Indonesia, Arab league says its member-states will not participate Afghan opposition vows to support ousted King From The NY Times: Jesse Jackson may head to Afghanistan on peace mission – Thank God for Jesse Jackson. We all need to be praying that he is successful in this mission. Cell […] © 2015 Frontier Theme