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Month: October 2001

Take a look at Tim Burger’s Art Gallery. From MSNBC: Time to think about torture – an op-ed piece orginally in Newsweek by Jonathan Alter. It is extremely disturbing and downright immoral to begin to justify torture of any kind, for any reason. This is a prime example of the evil that is justified by […]

Back in San Marcos again… time with the family was good, and the funeral was very bitter-sweet. It was so sad to lose my grandpa but at the same time it was so encouraging to hear all of the stories about him and the life he led. I would consider my life to be a […]

Crazy enough, I’m posting from an internet terminal in a Flying J Truck Stop just south of Waco, TX in route to Oklahoma. Kinda silly, but I had to try this out for novelty sake. only 20 cents per minute. This afternoon I read about an interesting project in the NY Times,

Well I’m leaving San Marcos yet again for Oklahoma. My grandpa’s funeral is tomorrow, so I’ll be in OK until Wednesday night. Also, for any Austinites look for me downtown on 6th Street on Halloween. I’ll be working that night in my ussual job as a pedi-cab driver. If you mention this website to me, […]

From MSNBC: An interesting opinion piece on why women should have to register for the draft – I don’t think I agree with this, because I don’t think anyone should be drafted. But, the author does make an interesting point concerning gender equality. Equal rights come with equal responsibilities. However, I would also say that […]

Curtis Publishing has a gallery of the 25 favorite Norman Rockwell covers of the Saturday Evening Post. I know many folks may think Rockwell was too sentimental or sappy, but I love his work. His technique is without compare and his vision of the world was amazing. Also, people forget that Rockwell in his later […]

From MSNBC: Sunday strikes kill at 13 civilians – Sheesh, we bombed the Red Cross yesterday, and now it’s residential neighborhoods?! It looks like I was wrong about Bush’s “restrained” war. © 2015 Frontier Theme