Just read the funniest thing on Atomic Village

    Ronald McDonald

    Okay, here we have a national icon. Yet in reality, perhaps he should be locked up. We don’t know his name, he is always in disguise, he is always following little children around offering them something to eat. Despite all this, he is free to wander the streets tempting young children with his wares. This was fine in the fifites, but it’s the zeros now, Folks. He can’t be trusted. If anybody sees him – alone – with small children, please, notify the authorities immediately. We don’t know what he’s concealing in those baggy clown clothes of his. Approach with caution. He may be carrying semi-cooked french fries, or raw hamburgers. He can be recognized by the smile on his face. Do not approach him unless armed with an antacid tablet. If he’s carrying a so-called “Happy-Meal,” be advised there maybe sex toys included. Do not alert suspicion, don’t be a hero, just advise your local law enforcement agency.