From the Austin American-Statesman:

  • Court to hear 4th Amendment case – This case discusses whether parolees can be forced to give up their 4th Amendment right to be secure from warrant-less searches. I’ll be interested to see how this case plays out.

  • Georgetown Salamander gaining status

  • Finally! Streets open downtown

  • Voices of Peace A wonderful feature story by Brad Buchholz in the Sunday Austin American-Statesman on the peace movement in Austin. Overall it is a good story (I especially liked the part where he talked to Michael Pogue, a well known photographer and member of Voices in the Wilderness). The one thing that was missing from the story though was at least some mention of the large rallies (with up to 1000 in attendance) that occurred. While peace activists might be a minority in Austin, they are still a sizeable minority. Overall though, I liked the emphasis the author placed on the individuals who are taking spontaneous actions for peace.