Yesterday my family all met at the farm after Thanksgiving lunch. We had a wonderful time together.

The folks that came were my parents; my brothers John (22), Daniel (17), Ben (2), and Dave (2); John’s wife Christa and her baby on the way, Julia. We had a great time snacking, playing 42 (a different kind of Dominos), and later on a knock-down brawl of Risk.

After the games we got out the old song books and sang some old Gospel songs acapella. (Most of my family are life-long members of the Churches of Christ, so that is our family tradition to sing gospel songs acapella at family gatherings.)

John & Christa (and Julia) headed home late, while the rest of us found places to crash at the farm.

This morning I woke up and started working outside on the garden, as I still had a ways to go on hand-tilling the front bed (check the diagram I’ll add to this site later, the front bed is bed A on the diagram). I took a break for breakfast made by my Mother. We had old fashioned breakfast of bacon, eggs, left-over butterhorns from last night, cinamon rolls, and coffee.

After breakfast I got back to work. An hour or so later, I drove to Ft. Cobb (about 10 miles N. of the farm) to visit the post office and get my mail setup for when I move out to the farm in December. I then got an iced tea at a convenience store and drove back to the farm.

When I got back to work, the weather was perfect, other than the wind. It was really sunny but not hot at all. As I turned over earth I listened to some country music on the radio.

I finally got done with the tilling, so I decided to start cleaning out some of the other beds. I worked on them for awhile until my Dad got back from an errand he had ran. Thankfully he stopped by Jack’s Meat Market in Anadarko and had some chopped beef for lunch. It was mighty good!

After lunch, I started raking the main bed and trying to get all of the Bermuda grass roots out of the bed. Finally in the late afternoon (just as the weather turned cool and started to rain), I sowed the wildflower seed in the main bed.

For the seed, I had bought a pound of the Texas-Oklahoma Mix from Wildseed Farms of Fredericksburg, TX. I used about half of the package for the bed, which was double what the package said to plant. I figured though that I wanted the wildflowers to come in pretty dense, so as to squeeze out the Bermuda grass. I guess we’ll find out if that was a good idea or not.

I also planted some Hollyhock seed that my Mom gave me. I think she said that my Aunt Dosia had gathered the seed from her flower garden. Since the Hollyhocks grow tall, I planted them at the back of my wildflower bed.

After sowing the wildflower bed, I raked it (that is the best way to cover wildflower seed since it is supposed to be planted to only a 1/16″ depth).

I was about to end my day of gardening (it was starting to rain pretty hard), but I realized I had forgotten to plant the bulbs my Mom had brought down to be planted. So, I went ahead and planted them (miniature Iris, Freesia, Texas Flame Tulips, Darwin Tulips, and Amarylis) in beds B-1 & C, along with a few tulips scattered among the wildflowers in bed A.

Finally I put all of the debris from cleaning bed A in my trailer and dumped in a low spot by the old house.

That’s all for today. I’ll probably drop by the farm early next week on my way back to San Marcos, TX, and then will be gone for a few weeks until I move to the farm for good in December.