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Month: December 2001

Links: Watching world music videos on World Link TV, I saw the most hillarious video by the The Night Losers from Romania. Checking their website, it looks like they have a couple of mp3s available for download. On another subject, here are few special features from the NY Times. Scenes From Around New York City […]

Good news!!! I (finally!) have internet access from the farm! Thanks to an inline filter given to me from my friend Tim Burger, I am able to get dial-up access at the blistering speed of 14.4! — That’s the only bad thing about rural areas is that the phone service is pretty bad. Right now […]

Merry Christmas! Doing another quick email check/blogger post from the office in Newcastle. I should have internet access from the farm by New Year’s hopefully. Links: Lego Tinkered With Success, and Is Now Paying a Price – I think Lego would do best if they focused on their original goals. The Pope’s Message for the […]

Doing a quick email check and blogger posting from Kinko’s in Oklahoma City. It looks like I won’t have home internet access until after Christmas regretably. Latest news of note: Defending, and Recasting, an Unloved Client: A prominent San Francisco lawyer is trying to alter public perceptions of John Walker Lindh, the American captured with […]

Sorry for the lack of updates of late, but I’ve been rather swamped with work & getting ready for my move to Oklahoma these last few days. Today is moving day, so as of tonight my new smail address will be: James M. Branum Rt. 1 Box 525 Ft. Cobb, OK 73038 I will not […]

Original Content: I finally have finished the term paper. I am posting a link to it here: The Blogging Phenomenon: An Overview and Theoretical Consideration (currently in MS Word format, I’ll provide an html version later) Here is the introduction of the paper: In this paper, I will seek to explore the meaning and […]

Links & Randomness: It’s 3 a.m. and still working on the term paper. Look for it to be posted here at sometime late in the afternoon. As far as I know it is the first academic paper written on the blogging phenomenon. (Or at least the first one that is published on the web.) […] © 2015 Frontier Theme