Latest news of note:

  • NY Times: U.S. seeks new use for secret evidence

    The next few stories are a change of pace. I’ve included them because in times like these we need to celebrate artistic expression and scientific exploration, now more than ever.

  • NY Times: Music’s dangers and the case for control – by Richard Taruskin
      Here is an excerpt from the story: In a fine recent essay, the literary critic and queer theorist Jonathan Dollimore writes that “to take art seriously — to recognize its potential — must be to recognize that there might be reasonable grounds for wanting to control it.” Where should control come from? Unless we are willing to trust the Taliban, it has to come from within. What is called for is self-control. That is what the Boston Symphony laudably exercised; and I hope that musicians who play to Israeli audiences will resume exercising it. There is no need to shove Wagner in the faces of Holocaust survivors in Israel and no need to torment people stunned by previously unimaginable horrors with offensive “challenges” like “The Death of Klinghoffer.”

      Censorship is always deplorable, but the exercise of forbearance can be noble. Not to be able to distinguish the noble from the deplorable is morally obtuse. In the wake of Sept. 11, we might want, finally, to get beyond sentimental complacency about art. Art is not blameless. Art can inflict harm. The Taliban know that. It’s about time we learned.

      I think the author is right. (I’ll post more on this topic later today from the Wendell Berry essays I talkd about a few days ago.)

  • NY Times: Remembering George Harrison: Full of love and fun
  • NY Times: Making microaft that can suggest marcotruths
  • MSNBC: Cost concerns imperil NASA dreams


    For any of my readers in Oklahoma, check out the Inews program for windows. It looks like a very handy tool.