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Month: January 2002

I’d just like to breifly say that James did what I expected. He put some completly off the wall presidents down on both the “best presidents list” and “worst presidents list”. I mean I can’t help but think “what the crap!” Jimmy Carter on the best president list! HA! and I knew James you’d throw […]

News & Opinion NY Times: Let them be P.O.W.’s – by Nicholas D. Kristof Yahoo News: WTC subway station reopens NY Times: China, on eve of Bush’s visit, goes easy on Bible smuggler Yes, it is certainly good that this man was not given the death penalty for the “crime” of carrying God’s word into […]

News & Opinion: Here is a bulletin that I received from the Green Party of Oklahoma: RALLY Tuesday, Jan 29 FOR A MORATORIUM ON EXECUTIONS IN OKLAHOMA South Steps of State Capitol – Oklahoma City 4:30 p.m. Gathering Music and Drumming James Collins & Jahruba and Friends 5 to 6 – – RALLY Sign the […]

URGENT BULLETIN: Just got a link from AJY about the VX2 program. This is an extremely serious issue, much more so than most of the email viruses. If you have downloaded Audio Galaxy, then you need to read this: This disgusts me. Audio Galaxy is a decent music file search tool. Why did they […]

Note: My job is continuing to keep me from blogging to the quality and quantity level that I would like to achieve. I’m sorry that I’m letting my regular readers down, but hopefully things will get better over the next few weeks. On another note, from now on I will post the “printer friendly” links […]

Thanks Daniel for getting things rolling again… Here are my lists… (Note that I have included some on both lists. I’ll explain why later.) The Best 1. Theodore Roosevelt 2. John F. Kennedy 3. Jimmy Carter 4. Ronald Reagan 5. George Washington The worst: 1. Andrew Jackson 2. Ronald Reagan 3. Franklin Roosevelt 4. Abraham […]

Personal note: Sorry the lack of updates lately. Work has been crazy busy, and will likely continue to be so for the next two weeks. Following the news, I am very, very suspicious of the government’s defense of the treatment of the Al-queda prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. If they are treating them fairly, then why […]

OKay. Since it has been nearly two months since anyone has posted to this blog, and since James’s question still stands, I figure I’ll just go out on a plank here and post and answer to the question: “Who do you think are the 5 best , and the 5 worst US Presidents?” Here is […] © 2015 Frontier Theme