I’d just like to breifly say that James did what I expected. He put some completly off the wall presidents down on both the “best presidents list” and “worst presidents list”. I mean I can’t help but think “what the crap!” Jimmy Carter on the best president list! HA! and I knew James you’d throw Abe on the worst list, but gosh you didn’t even include him on this best list in addition. And I like Ronald Reagan as much as the next fella, but come on. You could argue that his administration was good, but he was seriously about the dumbest president we have had (even though I do agree with the man on most issues).

—-Dan closes with a political trivia question:

What issue caused did Ronald Reagan to become frighteningly close to being impeached?—–


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    I highly recommend

  • Nickel Creek’s self-titled debut blue grass-fusion album that is produced by Alison Krause. (BTW, one of the guys in the band, Chris Thile has an excellent solo mandolin album out.) While it is very blue grass, there are many other elements that give it an almost classical/medieval feel at times.


News & Opinion:

  • Here is a bulletin that I received from the Green Party of Oklahoma:

      RALLY Tuesday, Jan 29


      South Steps of State Capitol – Oklahoma City

      4:30 p.m. Gathering Music and Drumming

      James Collins & Jahruba and Friends

      5 to 6 – – RALLY

      Sign the Roster of Attendees.

      Register to Vote

      Pick up Directory of Reps & Senators.

      Tuesday, Jan. 29 is the date of the first execution of the year in Oklahoma. This RALLY supersedes the 5 to 6 p.m. protest which usually takes place at the Governor’s Mansion.

  • NY Times: Bush reconsiders stand on how to treat captives of war
      Here’s another fun example of Bush’s creative (mis)use of the English language… Mr. Bush attempted to dismiss the issue today as a small legal distinction. “I will listen to all the legalisms and announce my decision when I make it,” he said.
  • NY Times: Shares of Oklahoma-based Williams Cos. plunge as company delays earnings report.
  • MSNBC: Bush prepares for balancing act – I have high expectations for this state of the union address (yeah right). I figure Bush is preparing a PhD level talk if you know what I mean.



Just got a link from AJY about the VX2 program. This is an extremely serious issue, much more so than most of the email viruses. If you have downloaded Audio Galaxy, then you need to read this: http://www.poenews.com/inhouse/vx2.htm. This disgusts me. Audio Galaxy is a decent music file search tool. Why did they have to exploit their users?!



My job is continuing to keep me from blogging to the quality and quantity level that I would like to achieve. I’m sorry that I’m letting my regular readers down, but hopefully things will get better over the next few weeks.

On another note, from now on I will post the “printer friendly” links to NY Times stories. The advantage for you the reader is that you can just click and print, instead of having to deal with the NY Times’ ad=heavy regular pages.

News and Opinion:

Here are some stories I’ve gathered over the last few days…


  • World New York is an excellent blog that in its own words provides . . .

      Our extracts address issues that affect New York City, issues that can be seen reflected in the images of the world’s other great cities: New Delhi, Sydney, London, Beijing, Paris, Moscow, Cairo, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Dublin, Mexico City, Vancouver, Lagos, Rome, wherever. In turn, our extracts also reflect typically American issues that appear reflected in the images of the nation’s other, lesser cities (and we say “lesser” with all the affection of the elder child for the runt): Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, Kansas City, Seattle, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Boston, Washington DC, New Orleans, Detroit, Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, both Portlands and St. Louis.

      What makes New York City significant as a crossroads of study is this: Up to 40 percent of New York City’s population is made of people born in another country, another 20 percent are people born in another state. So, 60 percent of the city has consciously chosen to be here, for the Great Experiment.

      Whether they understood the laboratory before arrival, they get it now, because they’ve decided to stay, each resident a participant, fulfilling a role so clearly defined that soon enough they’ll find that their kind of people are being written about in the style sections of the newspapers, that the magazines are doing features on their types of friends, and when they reach the hum-drum stage of unblinking at famous people on the other side of the bar or at three kinds of human fluids on a subway platform, then they’ve won. No, fame and money are not that sign of true achievement here in New York City: the sign of real achievement is the ability to burden yourself with the staggering amount of stress, stupidity and the unresolved domestic disputes of your neighbors, and still think about tripping lightly off to spend a good portion of your paycheck on dinner for the third night in a row with an acquaintance you don’t really like on the off chance you won’t have to pay and can maybe get sex/a record deal/a job/a better agent out of it. [Read the rest of this short piece on the significance of NYC and of the life of NYC residents (disquised as a site FAQ) at: http://www.worldnewyork.org/faq.php

  • Pastemusic.com’s free offering of acoustic/americana/roots/folk/misc mp3s. – Highly recommended if you like genuine music from the heart.
  • www.ezfolk.com
  • MP3.com’s listing of free Americana MP3’s
  • Blogger.com is now releasing a professional edition. The features sound killer, but I do hate the mandated move that all commericial sites must go to the pro version. But, I guess that’s life and as long as Blogger doesn’t get bought up by some multi-national conglomerate, then I think it is a price worth paying. I’ll probably go with the pro edition in February, certainly for the features but mostly to support the weblogger phenonenum.
  • If you’re looking for some music to listen to that will soothe that hungry spot in your country boy soul, then head to RadioNewBraunfels.com. This small local Texas Americana radio station broadcasts their transmissions online (except when they’re broadcasting high school football games and the like). I highly recommend it.


  • In like 100 years time [we] could be remembered for an entire continent getting flushed down the toilet. Or, be remembered for the time when actually the world woke up to its responsibilities to its neighbors. Distance does not decide who your neighbor is. – BONO from U2
  • Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. -Dwight Eisenhower


Thanks Daniel for getting things rolling again…

Here are my lists… (Note that I have included some on both lists. I’ll explain why later.)

The Best

1. Theodore Roosevelt

2. John F. Kennedy

3. Jimmy Carter

4. Ronald Reagan

5. George Washington

The worst:

1. Andrew Jackson

2. Ronald Reagan

3. Franklin Roosevelt

4. Abraham Lincoln

5. Ulysses S. Grant

6. Lyndon B. Johnson


It’s been a long time since my last post here at Pineridgeoklahoma.com. Mostly that’s due to the fact I haven’t been at the farm much these last few weeks. Due to complications at work, I’m having to stay at my parent’s house in Newcastle much of the time. My time at the farm limited as it is (usually on Wednesdays and weekends) is a joy though. I’m looking forward to getting to be out there full-time again.

The weather there has been rather varied. We had some warm days, followed by days and nights of incessant winds that howl around the house like a pack of wolves.

My gardens are doing well. The wildflower bed has lots of little plants making their appearances and the lettuce in the cold frame has finally germinated.


Personal note:

Sorry the lack of updates lately. Work has been crazy busy, and will likely continue to be so for the next two weeks.

Following the news, I am very, very suspicious of the government’s defense of the treatment of the Al-queda prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. If they are treating them fairly, then why won’t they recognize them as having Geneva Convention rights as POW’s? I think the only answer is that they are torturing these men for information, and want to protect their butts if the news comes out. Torture is “legal” if they aren’t POW’s. (Ok, torture is never legal under international law or the Constitution, but neither seem to matter much to the authorities these days.)

On to happier subjects… painting has been a joy lately. I’ve changed gears some, moving back to Acrylics (I have been mostly working in watercolors since this summer) and also experimenting with oils for the first time.


OKay. Since it has been nearly two months since anyone has posted to this blog, and since James’s question still stands, I figure I’ll just go out on a plank here and post and answer to the question: “Who do you think are the 5 best , and the 5 worst US Presidents?”

Here is my reply. I feel that this question is a very difficult question to ask, and I honestly do not feel that I know enough “history” to answer it to the best of my ability. However the question has been asked, and I do indeed study history, so I will make an attempt to at least guess at the best five Presidents, and the worst five Presidents. Of course any reader of this blog needs to realize that I am very bias. Not only due to my political and religious beliefs, but also due to my recent readings. I have recently studied several presidents deeply by reading biographys of the presidents that interest me. SO obviously I am sure I am swayed by the fact that I may simply know more about one president than another.

Okay here goes:

The top five presidents in NO PARTICULAR ORDER are:

Theodore Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt

Thomas Jefferson

George Washington

and of course Abraham Lincoln

The Worst are:

Andrew Jackson

George Washington

Rutherford B. Hayes

Gerald Ford

Ulysses S. Grant

—oh yeah one more bad president: Hillary Clinton.. hahahahha