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Month: March 2002

News & Opinion Here is another news bulletin from the Jerusalem, Palestine Independent Media Center: International Civilians come under Fire in Ambulances March 29, 2002 [Ramallah] International civilians are trying to assist ambulance teams in Ramallah as they attempt to get to wounded and dying people. The ambulances of the International Red Cross, Red Crescent […]

News & Opinion If you want to hear the truth from the streets in Israeli-occupied Palestine head over to the Jerusalem, Palestine Independent Media Center. Here are few excerpts from their coverage: – Two Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances carrying a doctor and two foreign international volunteers American citizen Adam Shapiro and Irish national Caoimhe Butterly […]

Music Today’s world events are rather depressing, so I thought I would write about something else too, to keep this blog from becoming too dark… Ok, during my recent trip to Austin I went with my friend Kimberly to Jupiter Records, the super-nifty new/used CD store at Hancock Center in Central Austin. I spent way […]

News & Opinions Extremely sad news from Israel/Palestine today. From what I have heard thus far, I think Israel has crossed the line and has shown that it is not a civilized nation that deserves the respect of other nations. Either they must begin working towards peace, or the world must ostracize them. At the […]

News & Opinion American justice, at least when the military dispenses it has become a sick joke. The NY Times reports that Rumsfeld intends to hold detainees even if they are aquitted by the kangaroo courts/tribunals. It’s bad enough that we can’t give these folks fair trials, but now we’re saying even kangaroo courts are […]

Random Life is good in Austin. It is so nice getting to see old friends, see blue bonnets, and not feel like a lonely Okie Liberal for a few days. I’m at a Kinko’s checking email real fast (@ $18/hour!!!) at the present moment or I would write more. I’ll be heading to Oklahoma tomorrow […]

Links I just found via Hope Chapel’s audio archives (, two excellent lessons on my favorite Saint, St. Patrick. Yvonne’s is focused more on the historical/mythological aspects of his life and is accompanied by music in parts, while Bill’s (husband of Yvonne) is focused more on the application the lessons we can learn from Patrick’s […]

News & Opinion MSNBC/AP: Rules for military tribunals unveiled— Trials for alleged terrorists would be similar to courts-martial, but suspects will have only limited rights to appeal Well, the rules are whack, but are much better than they could be. I am glad that they are requiring a unanimous vote for death penalty verdicts and […] © 2015 Frontier Theme