Movie Notes

  • Today I caught part of Still Breathing on IFC. What I saw of it seemed really good, but I was especially entranced by the cinematography. I just love movies filmed in Central Texas in the summer. (ok I know the film was filmed in San Antonio and some folks say SA is in South Texas. Culturally it may be, but geographically SA looks more like the Austin-San Marcos area than the country just south of it. To me, the country south of SA looks pretty much the same as the countryside of Northern Mexico) Anyway, I just love the luscious greens of the vegetation and the golden hues of the sun. (another good example of this kind of filming are Dazed and Confused, Slackers (both filmed in Austin), and Hope Floats (filmed out in the Hill Country west of Austin). Watching the movie today made me yearn to sit under a live oak tree again.

    Also, if you get a chance to watch the movie, look for the scene at the end with Fletcher and Roz floating down the river. That part was filmed on the beautiful San Marcos river in San Marcos, TX. (according to the movie’s website, the S.M. river is the shortest river in North America)