Life is about the same as yesterday, except now I’m becoming disgruntled in my melancholyness. Actually what really snapped for me was watching Ally McBeal tonight. (ok shoot me, I don’t care if you think it’s a chick TV show or is overly sex crazed — yes, it is both, but is much more. I initially started watching it to get ideas on how to woo a unrequited love interest who I knew watched the show, but now dig the show on it’s own merits. Maybe it’s the fact that this screwball group of misfits is somehow able to forge their own way in life. Of course, it is total fantasy (judges would not let them get away with 10% of what they do, but t hat’s pretty standard for all lawyer shows), but it is fun.

    Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is this… one thing that grabbed me in a rerun of the show I watched tonight was when Ally confronted a hardened criminal defense lawyer from another firm (actually a crossover episdoe with The Practice) in a social situation .She said, (paraphrased) Do you want to have children… no, it’s just a question, I’m not asking to bear your children… just do you want to have children some day?

    He replied, yes some day.

    She then said, “then for your sake of your children’s innocence, try to preserve some of your own innocence.. at least what is left of it.

    That interchange really made me think… am I letting life’s busy-ness and the difficulties of dealing with difficult clients (I work as a legal assistant at a law firm) get to me. Am I becoming jaded and cynical about all authority figures, and for that matter all people in general?

    I don’t know but it does concern me.