Here is something interesting I found at:

    In May of 1985, the Oklahoma Geological Survey installed a seismograph in the Meers Store to monitor the Meers fault, a crack in the earth’s crust, which is visible from the air for 15 miles. The Meers Store became “MEO – Meers Observatory” and has proven to be one of the most sensitive stations in the country. The Meers Seismograph has recorded earthquakes in the Indian Ocean over 10,300 miles from Meers, Russian nuclear tests, a mine collapse in Michigan, and a natural gas explosion in Brenham, Texas. On April 20, at 5:02:27 am a magnitude 2 trembler occurred 17 miles north of Meers, the first earthquake felt in Oklahoma, in 1997 was recorded. The epicenter, 2 miles west of the old Pine Ridge community, was close enough to Meers to break the pin on the seismograph.

What is fascinating about this is that the location listed above (2 miles west of Pine Ridge) is 1/2 mile west of the farm!

I also checked out the Oklahoma Geological Survey’s website for info on this earthquake

They show that the April 20th earthquake’s epicenter was actually a few miles south over in Commanche county. Who knows, but it is interesting that it appears that Pine Ridge appears to be located on or near the Meers fault line.