• “In order to communicate the message entrusted to her by Christ, the Church needs art. Art must make perceptible, and as far as possible attractive, the world of the spirit, of the invisible, of God. It must therefore translate into meaningful terms that which is in itself ineffable” (letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to artists, 1999)
  • The next quote is in honor of St. Patrick’s day. St. Patrick (c. 385-461 A.D.) was an incredible servant of the Lord who was the 2nd greatest missionary in world history (next to only St. Paul) and did so much to shape the world we now live in. We (Christians and non-Christians) owe so much to him, especially in the scholarly tradition he began in Ireland that preserved so much of the knowledge that we take for granted.

    This prayer is called St. Patrick’s breastplate and is believed to be written by Patrick himself.

    Today I put on

    a terrible strength

    invoking the Trinity

    confessing the Three

    with faith in the One

    as I face my Maker.

    Today I put on the power

    of Christ’s birth and baptism,

    of his hanging and burial,

    His resurrection, ascension,

    and descent at the Judgement.

    Today I put on the power

    of the order of the Cherubim,

    angels’ obedience,

    archangels’ attendance,

    in hope of ascending

    to my reward;

    patriarchs’ prayers,

    prophets’ predictions,

    apostles precepts,

    confessors’ testimony,

    holy virgins’ innocence

    and the deeds of true men.

    Today I put on

    the power of Heaven,

    the light of the Sun,

    the radiance of the Moon,

    the splendour of fire,

    the fierceness of lightning,

    the swiftness of wind,

    the depth of the sea,

    the firmness of earth

    and the hardness of rock.

    Today I put on

    God’s strenghth to steer me,

    God’s power to uphold me,

    God’s wisdom to guide me,

    God’s eye for my vision,

    God’s ear for my hearing,

    God’s word for my speech,

    God’s hand to protect me,

    God’s pathway before me,

    God’s shield for my shelter,

    God’s angels to guard me

    from ambush of devils,

    from vice’s allurements,

    from traps of the flesh,

    from all who wish ill,

    whether distant or close,

    alone or in hosts.

    I summon these powers today

    to take my part against every implacable power

    that attacks my body and soul,

    the chants of false prophets,

    dark laws of the pagans,

    false heretics’ laws,

    entrapments of idols,

    enchantments of women

    or smiths or druids,

    and all knowledge that poisons

    man’s body or soul.

    Christ guard me today

    from poison, from burning,

    from drowning, from hurt,

    that I have my reward.

    Christ beside me,

    Christ before me,

    Christ behind me,

    Christ within me,

    Christ beneath me,

    Christ above me.

    Christ on my right hand,

    Christ on my left,

    Christ where I lie,

    Christ where I sit,

    Christ where I rise.

    Christ in the hearts of all who think of me,

    Christ in the mouths of all who speak to me,

    Christ in every eye that sees me,

    Christ in every ear that hears me.

    Today I put on

    a terrible strength,

    invoking the Trinity,

    confessing the Three,

    with faith in the One

    as I face my Maker.

    Domini est salus.

    Domini est salus.

    Domini est salus.

    Salus tua, Domine, sit semper vobiscum.