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  • MSNBC/AP: Rules for military tribunals unveiled— Trials for alleged terrorists would be similar to courts-martial, but suspects will have only limited rights to appeal

    Well, the rules are whack, but are much better than they could be. I am glad that they are requiring a unanimous vote for death penalty verdicts and are allowing defendants to have civilian lawyers, however there is no provision here for the protection of attorney-client conversations, or for protection from the use of bad or tainted evidence.

    Regretably, the shortcomings of these tribunals will mean that whatever the rulings will be, thinking people will know the truth. Justice was not done. That to me is a great tragedy. If the accused are truly guilty, then they should be brought to true justice and punished accordingly, but a kangaroo court will mean that justice will not be done, and will mean that the terrorists will have accomplished their mission of deterring our great civilization from the principles of liberty and justice.