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    Extremely sad news from Israel/Palestine today. From what I have heard thus far, I think Israel has crossed the line and has shown that it is not a civilized nation that deserves the respect of other nations. Either they must begin working towards peace, or the world must ostracize them.

    At the same, I am extremely disturbed by the Palestinian terrorist attacks. I am very sympathic to the Palestinian cause (as a person of mixed Native American ancestry, I can’t help but root for those who are the first inhabitants of a land), but they must forever leave behind violence as a means to liberation. Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. both proved that liberation can be achieved through non-violent direct actions. Until the Palestinians are willing to lay down their arms forever, not in surrender but as act of faith in God who is the ultimate arbitor of right and wrong, then they will continue to be oppressed by the American-armed and supported Israeli occupation force.

    And by the way, the Americans are very guilty too in this mess. We never should have given the Israelis modern armaments if they as a nation have so little self-control. Regretably most of the Arab world will blame us, because it is American-made tanks and planes that are being used to oppress the Palestinian peoples. Also, America has set a presedent for the Israelis to follow. Now that we have declared our “war on terror” then the Israelis are given complete justification to wage their war against Palestinian terrorists.

    This is just a bad scenario all around, and it looks like the only one who can bring peace is God.

    OK, enough of my opinions. On to the various accounts of the recent events from US and British news media:

  • The Independent of London

  • BBC

  • NY Times


  • AP/Washington Post

  • CS Monitor

  • Boston Globe

  • LA Times
    As far as the response from the Arab world, this story seemed to depict it best:

  • Washington Post: Arabs rally to protect Arafat, promote peace plan
      “If he is removed, or not removed, the resistance to the [Israeli] occupation will continue. Every Palestinian is Yasser Arafat,” said Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, the de facto leader of the oil rich kingdom and sponsor of the Arab offer of “normal relations” with Israel if the Jewish state helps create a Palestinian state and withdraws from the Golan Heights, Gaza Strip and West Bank lands captured in 1967. . .

      U.S. credibility has sunk to a low point in the region, and Saudi-U.S. relations have also come under strain after the Sept. 11 attacks in New York and Washington. But Abdullah made clear that, in his view, the Israeli-Palestinian crisis has made it incumbent on the Bush administration to move forcefully, particularly now that he and other Arab leaders have taken an unanimous stand.

      “We’ve asked the U.S. to stop what is currently occurring on the ground. They have promised positive things,” said Abdullah. “How would you feel if someone came and made a promise and did not deliver?”