• NY Times: Pope summons American Cardinals to discuss abuse – I am glad that the Vatican is taking this situation seriously. It is time that the Roman Catholic church stand up against evil committed by a very, very, very tiny minority of priests, and stand up for their faith, traditions, and for the many, many, many priests who are faithful to their vows and serve their congregations tirelessly.

    Frankly, I am growing weary of the constant jokes about Catholics. I am not Catholic but there is so much in that faith tradition that I admire and respect. It disgusts me that hating/denigrating Catholics seems to be the last form of “acceptable” bigotry in America today.

  • MSNBC: Catholics want embattled bishops out — 70% in poll think bishops who ignored abuse should quit
      Thirty-two percent of the Catholics said that their faith in bishops and cardinals had been shaken by the scandals, and 15 percent said the incidents had diminished their faith in their religion.

      “One out of seven Catholics in this nationwide poll … said their faith has been shaken and they might leave the church,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the polling institute at the Hamden, Conn., university.

      I agree that the Bishops who concealed abuse must resign, and I think that Bishop (or is it a Cardinal? I forget.) of Boston should resign ASAP. He is doing more damage than good by remaining.

  • This site shows how to create your own ASP powered blog publishing program.
  • Another ASP powered blog publishing program. – Thanks to Scott of for sending me those links.


    • New Scientist: Early puberty linked to shampoos – This hypothesis must be examined ASAP. I am convinced that the increasing cases of early puberty are a very dangerous phenomenon that is resulting in many children having to grow up to fast, and in particular girls being targeted and victimized by older boys before they are old enough to know how to rebuff them.