Day: May 1, 2002

Well we had the big auction at the farm last weekend. Here are some pictures from the event… The turnout […]

As you can see it has been awhile since I last blogged. Sorry for the absence but work has been […]

Music Here are my musical recommendations for the week: Rusted Root Steve Earle Yonder Mountain String Band An interview […]

Spirituality Chosun Journal-Veritas Do Jews have a divine right in the promised land? CS Monitor: Papal summit on a […]

Science NY Times: Genetically, Bison Don’t Measure Up to Frontier Ancestors MoJo: Sex in space NY Times: Offshore harvest of […]

Regional Culture Village Voice: New Skool Versus Old School in Greenwich Village — Street Hassle CS Monitor: It’s all in […]

Blogging is a very nifty blog authored by a girl with a f*** it all attitude. I think what […]