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Month: August 2002

Random: Another day working at the OCU Law Library computer lab. A few people needed help but overall very slow. Other than a lunch break for Vietnamese Pho noodle soup, I’ve been mostly talking to upper classmen L-students gleaning from them dirt on my profs (their pet likes and dislikes, and what they look for […]

All things Austin: The World’s New Culture Meccas —- A look at some creative locales on the rise in the new millennium. From Marseilles and Cape Town to Tijuana and Kabul – Austin was city #1 in this story.

Highlights from this week’s Austin Chronicle: Starting this week, I’ll pick some of my favorite articles from the Austin Chronicle (the best alternative news weekly in the country IMHO… I think it is even better than the often lauded Village Voice of NYC.) to highlight to JMBzine readers. Hotly Anticipated — The 12th Annual ‘Austin […]

Random: As you can see I’m posting more than ussual today. All of my L-school reading is done for tomorrow and I got some more time to kill before I get off work as a OCU Law libary computer lab tech, so here are some random and bizarre links: The Brick Testament an entertaining but […]

Politics and Policies: Retouching on the Labor Commissioner race, in rereading Jenner’s statements to the LOWV I saw one bit that I think is worth highlighting… Employers are rich and powerful and do not need any help. Employees are poor and powerless and government should protect them from the abuses of the bosses. That really […]

Recent cases: AP/NY Times: 3 Justices Push Court to Re-Examine Execution of Teenagers — A very positive development in that 3 justices are willing to speak against killing juvenile offenders, but also sad in those 3 justices couldn’t convince the rest of the court to stay yesterday’s execution of Toronto Patterson in Texas for a […]

Law School Update: Well my second week of L-school is almost done. Here are some new observations about the experience… The “mean” professors are mellowing out big time. As long as the class is prepared, the profs are downright likable. (Even the prof I didn’t like the first week has turned out to be one […]

Reader Comments: I received an email today from a JMBzine reader (I will post the full text of it unedited once I get permission from the email’s author.) concerning my endorsement of Virginia “Blue Jeans” Jenner. First, let me say that all of the endorsements were qualified. I am not a Democrat but a Green. […]

Politics and Policies: MBNA picketed over support for bankruptcy bill – a good first step, but activists nationwide need to take this to the next level. There should have been 2500 outside the MBNA HQ not 25. World: 4th District hopeful to exit Demo race — If this story is right, it looks […] © 2015 Frontier Theme