Day: August 14, 2002

I make a quick trip out to the farm yesterday evening. It was overcast and sprinkling a little (unusual weather […]

Simple Living: I decided to use the header “Simple Living” for any links or comments related to sustainable living, agriciculture, […]

Capital Punishment: Today, the not-so-great state of Texas executed Javier Suarez Medina, in violation of international law and the Vienna […]

Church law KFOR: Pastor dispute costs congregation their church – This is outrageous. The Nazarene church should be ashamed of […]

Capital Punishment AP: Texas Set to Execute Mexico Citizen — Governor Rick Perry is a chump if he doesn’t realize […]

Law School Resources Thanks go out to my friend Kimberly for these links… – an excellent meta-index of L-school/law […]

Quotable Quotes Here are some quotes from a fellow Cherokee Indian and Oklahoman, Will Rogers: The following quotes were found […]

Quotable Quotes “The political and commercial morals of the United States are not merely food for laughter, they are an […]