Day: August 16, 2002

Random: Wierd News: Turn Tombstones Into ATM Machines LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) — A deceased cattle rancher in Bozeman, […]

Law School News: Tonight was the first session of student orientation. Most of it was boring (the information on law […]

New Cases: MSNBC: Judge: U.S. can keep IDs of 9/11 detainees secret — Ruling in effect until Justice Department appeal […]

Art: The Austin Chronicle, Aug. 16: Erin Cone at the Wally Workman Gallery — I really dig this guy’s work. […]

Random: MSNBC: Tupelo: A long way from Graceland — Elvis fans can visit the tiny two-room home where the singer […]

Corporate America:, Aug 15: State in dispute over shipments of recalled beef — I got a simple solution for […]