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Month: September 2002

Southern Culture: NY Times: 40 Years Later, Ole Miss Asks When the Past Will Be Past — a very interesting story. I do think though that Ole Miss and Southern Universities would be be better served to remember and learn from their past, warts and all, instead of trying to forget it. As the old […]

Random: I leave for Austin in about 12 hours!!! Woohoo!!! I’m planning on taking the scenic route south. Instead of taking IH-35 (as they would say in Austin) the entire way, I’m going to take the turnpike (I-44) from Newcastle to Lawton, then south across the river to Wichita Falls, TX. From there, I’ll take […]

Random: Since MacDougal cancelled Torts on Friday, I’ll be leaving tomorrow for beautiful Austin, TX! (Woohoo!) I have to take care of one chore (moving my junk out of a storage unit at E.41st St. Public Storage), but otherwise hope to enjoy a restful and fun weekend. Friday night I’ll be downtown to say hi […]

Law School Update: This week has been rather hectic for me (hence the lack of JMBzine postings). The big hurdle this week was the Research Exam for the Legal Research & Writing class. Due to my stupidity (I did not realize how long the exam was) I procrastinated horribly on it. I did get it […]

Law: NY Times: Nearly 96, Judge Milton Pollack keeps an iron grip on the gavel . . . REGARDING the judge’s retirement plans: what with Enron and Tyco and Internet-generated litigation (last summer he dismissed six suits filed by disgruntled eBay and stockholders against the Internet stock analyst Mary Meeker), this is no time […]

OKC Events: OCU School of Law to Host Symposium Exploring the Impact of Enron on Corporate Governance From an OCU Law Press release: As the impact of the Enron scandal continues to unfold, Oklahoma City University School of Law is gathering a distinguished panel to discuss “Public Company Disclosure and Governance in the Post-Enron World.” […]

Politics and Policy: Late last night I watched part of the movie 13 Days, a movie about the Cuban Missle Crisis. Maybe I’m being melodramatic, but the situation reminds me a great deal of what is happening in Iraq and Israel with the current war. My fear is that, there is no voice for […] © 2015 Frontier Theme