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Month: October 2002

Social Justice: I received this chilling message from a Christian Peacemaker Team in Hebron, Palestine: CPTnet October 31, 2002 HEBRON: “My name is Richard the Second.” By Mary Yoder The Israeli Army beat three Palestinian teen boys and a CPT translator on Friday, October 25, near the Ibrahimi Mosque. CPTers Mary Yoder and Christine Caton […]

Random: Weather here in Oklahoma is wickedly cold. Thankfully it looks like it won’t freeze after all (I still have some peppers and tomatoes in my garden that I’m trying coax some more ripeness into.) but it is might close to freezing. I guess winter has arrived.

Oklahoma Politics: NewsOK: Online Video of Gubernatorial Debate at OSU – a pretty decent debate. This debate solidified my decision on why I can’t vote for Largent, because he wants to consolidate rural school districts. But of course the other guys support the lottery, so my mind is not made up yet. (Look for my […]

Social Justice: The Adelaide, Australia IMC has compiled an excellent list of the various O26 protest actions around the world with links to local media coverage at

Social Justice: I’ve continued searching internet news outlets (, local and national news media, and reports from local activists) and have corrected numbers for the protest actions of the International Day of Action for Peace in Iraq (October 26ish). Here are the latest numbers. In cases where different folks gave different numbers, I sought to […]

Social Justice: I am still amazed (and thankful to God) for the tremendous response to Saturday (O26)’s response to International Anti-War day. Regretably the media is still underreporting the numbers and breadth of these actions (the NY Times is especially guilty) So, in the interests of truth and encouragement to any peace loving readers out […]

Politics and Policy: Ha ha!!! Fox”News” had to eat their words. Now they’ve turned “hundreds” into “tens of thousands” in their latest story on today’s protests.. Ain’t that funny? What is even more humerous is that they didn’t run a retraction but rather just stuck up an AP story instead of the one their own […]

Politics and Policy: MSNBC: Thousands protest against Iraq war I was wrong in my earlier post in criticizing MSNBC for not running a report at the time I wrote that. While they did not immediate coverage of today’s world-wide protests against the war in Iraq, they now (a few hours later) have published what looks […]

Social Justice: The OKC rally against the War with Iraq was a tremendous success. I don’t know what the final numbers were, but there were 125 signatures on the anti-war petition. (I think were probably closer to 200 there.) The speakers included several pastors, State Representative Opio Toure, a man from the Seminole Nation of […]

Music: Here’s what I’m listening to today at work… (I should be working on the church bulletin right now instead of talking about music… ) Jackson Rubio Compilation – By the people for the people, the Lo-Fi Mixes — very old school Mid-Late Nineties music from when I first began to dig good acoustic music […] © 2015 Frontier Theme