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Month: November 2002

I thought my life was bad . . . Ph8: When you have an I hate my job-day, try this. When you have an I hate my job-day, try this. On your way home from work, stop at your pharmacy and go to the thermometer section. You will need to purchase a rectal thermometer made […]

The real Christmas spirit The Mennonite Central Committee is sponsoring a drive to send 12,000 Newborn Kits to North Korean infants in early 2003. This sounds like a wonderful thing to do this Christmas.

Oklahoma Sports Folks are buzzing around here at the upset loss of OU to rival OSU today. I am quite jealous because two of my brothers (one an OSU alum, the other a current student) were at the game. Final score was 38-28!!! (report from MSNBC) (I like OSU, but I’m really more of a […]

More procrastination I think winter is definitely here, not only because the trees are almost completely bare but because every squirrel is fat! Maybe they had a really good thanksgiving, but more likely they know that winter is coming on and its time to lay on the energy for winter… hehehe, that’ll be my new […]

Procrastination Now that I got the main outline done for Civ Pro I am facing the crazy task of trying to learn all of the relevant federal rules of civil procedure and US code sections relating to venue. Not sure how to go about it, I guess I’ll do flashcards. Really though tonight will be […]

Suburbia? Taken from an email sig line. . . I still hold…that the suburbs ought to be either glorified by romance and religion or else destroyed by fire from heaven, or even by firebrands from the earth.” – G. K. Chesterton’s “The Coloured Lands”

Some good news for once. . . I received an email yesterday from the American-Anti Slavery group that had this picture in it with the text below… In this picture (which ran in the New York Times on October 22), President Bush is greeting escaped Sudanese slave Francis Bok at the White House signing of […] © 2015 Frontier Theme