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Month: December 2002

War is coming… Today’s news confirms the rumors I have heard, that the US plans to strike as early as January 27th. Washington Post: Military Forces Ordered to Gulf — U.S. Beginning Final Buildup To Face Iraq Myway/AP: U.S. Orders Thousands of Troops to Gulf

Local items of interest Oklahoma Food Retail Cooperative – a discussion list for persons interested in organizing retail cooperatives in Oklahoma that specialize in providing Oklahoma grown and processed foods to consumers. NewsOK: States seek share of Internet sales tax – IF the costs and paperwork of implementing such a tax can be reduced for […]

Sherman was right. War is hell. Based on the rumors and leaks that are now surfacing in the media, it looks like war will be coming to Iraq possibly as early as late January. When the shooting starts, you can count on the military propagandists to show pictures of “smart” bombs precisely hitting their targets […]

Ecclesiastical bloggings… I found a very cool blog: Real Live Preacher. I love this guy’s stuff! Here’s one excerpt that is as earthy and real as it gets… But I was exposed early to the real stuff – Top Shelf Christianity – Deep and Old Christianity. This kind is practiced by people who work until […]

Law bloggists take on Tolkien Here are some reviews on The Twin Towers by some of my favorite law blogs… Jennifer @ Mellow-drama rightly dubs Lord of the Rings the “Book of the Century.” She also give some good analysis of the departures that The Two Towers made from the book’s plot. Janeway mentions seeing […]

It’s never to late for a great X-mas Present! The Toronto Star: Men, give up pornography as a present to your wife — The best idea I’ve heard for some time, but I think the author should have given more solid tips on how to kick the habit. Most addictive behaviors don’t go away just […]

Reality sets in. That last post really is sinking in. I am by nature more depressed than I ought to be (and I am resolving to not let the sorry state of the world get me down in this new year — one of my resololutions for 2003), but it is hard not to be […]

Torture?! I had been feeling better about the state of things (you know the Christmas spirit and all) until I stumbled across this link from Mellow-drama: Washington Post: U.S. Decries Abuse but Defends Interrogations — ‘Stress and Duress’ Tactics Used on Terrorism Suspects Held in Secret Overseas Facilities. A few things that bother me about […]

Post-Christmas Thoughts and links Christmas has come and gone and it was good. Good times with family and church, and lots of good time relaxing (more than I anticipated which was nice). Now, it is back to real life but thankfully the law office has been pretty quiet. I think most of the clients assume […] © 2015 Frontier Theme