Day: December 7, 2002

Bicycling photos I found some good photos from this year’s SCAT bike ride (South Canadian Annual Tour) through Newcastle and […]

Courage in Action Just read a report on MSNBC that say shtat Over 10,000 Iranians tried to join Tehran University […]

More bits and pieces… DemoOkie: Senator Shurden Proposes County Option Bill for Cockfighting What happens when a church goes bankrupt? […]

Fun surprises Here are some interesting stuff I found on semi-accident today: Scroll down to the bottom of this page […]

JMBzine Changes I’m currently working on tweaking the template for this site. If it looks wierd, check it again later […]

Another day of futility (Typo was corrected from “women enslaved in Iraq” to “women enslaved in Saudi Arabia” – 12:21 […]