Day: January 27, 2003

Heroes in the Cause of Peace & Justice: Bayard Rustin Time Magazine: Bayard Rustin, The “Invisible Man” — Why Bayard […]

Iraq: The Guardian: The Message from the Bush Camp: ‘It’s War Within Weeks’ – an excellent story that gives a […]

The practice of Law: Marketing law online — A series of articles on how attorneys can best utilize the […]

Christian Spirituality: Most of these links discuss Catholicism in some way. I am not a Catholic myself but find certain […]

Media Issues: MSNBC/AP: Public broadband catching on — This is a tremendous development! I wish more municipalities would step up […]

Abortion: MSNBC: Youth movement on abortion — Next generation mobilizes for Roe v. Wade anniversary Bob’s Blog Here is […]

Policy and Society: MSNBC: Border skirmish over drugs heats up — Consumers who buy medications from Canada stand to lose […]