Day: March 3, 2003

Random: MSNBC: China could target moon by 2005 The Encyclopedia of Arda – AN interactive guide to the works of […]

Random: MSNBC/Newsweek: Bush and God — A higher calling: It is his defining journey—from reveler to revelation. A biography of […]

Random: ABC News: Tools of the Drug Trade — Feds Charge 55 People With Peddling Drug Tools This is as […]

Recent JMBzine Comments: Ok, wierdly enough the comments feature works for Netscape but not IE. So anyway I’m going to […]

Comments on It looks like my comments feature on this blog is not working right. I will be changing […]

Today: Another gloriously wonderful day in Oklahoma City. Hope is springing up! I gotta get cracking on my stupid LR&W […]