Day: March 14, 2003

Freedom dies a little more From the CPTnet: CPTnet March 14, 2003 TORONTO/CHICAGO: Canadian CPTer denied entry to USA, questioned […]

One more thing about the previous post One last thing… before you think that I’m mad because I got bad […]

Life of late: Regular readers of this blog will probably notice that I haven’t talked much about Law school lately. […]

Meditations for the Season 14 Stations, 14 Artists, One Story – a traveling art showing based on the 14 […]

For fans of Kurt Vonnegut: In These Times: Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !&#*!@ – an interview with the 80-year old […]

Peace and War Scotman: Hollywood blacklisting again From an email forward: For Burma Shave signs along the country roads: Dropping […]

Quote of the Day: The hottest fires in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral […]

Abortion: AP/MSNBC: Senate approves ‘partial-birth’ ban — Bush vows to sign bill if House follows suit as expected