Day: March 21, 2003

War Chicago Sun-Times: Pacifist in Baghdad waits for bombs to fall — a heart-warming story about one of my personal […]

From the CPTnet CPTnet March 21, 2003 IRAQ UPDATE: 9:30 pm/ 1:30 pm EST as reported to Gene Stoltzfus Bombs […]

War MSNBC: ‘Shock and awe’ airstrikes launched — U.S. suffers first combat deaths as allies sweep into south

The **** War in Iraq Where is Raed (the world’s most courageous blog author, currently blogging from Baghdad if he […]

Life Mostly I’ve been writing on the POLIBlog lately due to the recent events in this crazy world, but I […]

Trash Journalism strikes again! I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, but FOXNews has shown off the insipid stupidity of some […]

Ecuadorean demonstrators carry a Ronald McDonald statue to be burned in front of the U.S. Embassy during a rally protesting […]

The first Iraqi casulaties Photos of those wounded and maimed about American and British bombs can be seen here: photo […]

Tomorrow in Oklahoma From the C.R.O.P. list serve: A peace vigil will be held in Muskogee, OK tomorrow (and on […]