Day: March 25, 2003

Music Mostly these days I’ve been listening to music that makes me feel good. I tried listening to some Ani […]

Welcome to Wackyland (aka the USA) MSNBC: U.S. fails to persuade Turkey on Iraq — Foreign minister says troops may […]

Boycot Rudy’s BBQ in Texas I got this from Today I heard that one of my favorite Austin restaurants, […]

Live from Iraq From the CPTnet: CPTnet March 25, 2003 IRAQ: Letter from Peggy Gish Monday, March 24, 2003 [Note: […]

Monday’s Austin Protests 40 arrests made in Austin peace protests on Monday a compelling collection of pictures from […]

Don’t believe the lies — “Smart” Bombs aren’t so smart From The B-2 bomber carries sixteen 2’000 lb. JDAM […]

What in the world?! I was extremely disturbed to find this appalling email message in my box today from the […]

Questioning the Peace Movement I read a compelling blog post at Letters from the Little Girl Inside. In this post […]

Life Well L-school is back on again. (classes started back on Monday). Thus far, school has been more tolerable than […]

Spring Break Photos Here are a few pictures my Spring Break trip to Galveston Island, Texas with two of my […]