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Month: April 2003

Random Chris in Mongolia – A fascinating blog. Read her April 16th entry about her overland journey from Beijing to Mongolia. An outsiders view of America: Being Canadian, I used to look up to the U.S. as a big brother… now I realize it is really becoming ”Big Brother”. A downloadable PDF Waffle House menu

Getting religion during finals… Thanks to Aaron‘s recommendation, I’ve rediscovered I dig what they’re doing (a post-modern church, very similiar to my old church back in Austin), but what I’m really digging today is their free mp3s of their house bands: The Parons, The Mars Hillbillies (formerly The Smith Family Singers), and Team Strike […]

Random: Good to remember this when you read these stupid law decisions. The judges don’t know what they’re doing either. – Comic is from Law comics An oddly compelling yet very depressing teen angst blog

L-School Update: 1 down, 3 to go – Civ Pro final is over. It could have been much worse. It could have been much better. Either way, its over and done with and feel relieved that it’s done. The next hurdle is Contracts and that one will be a big one (that one is on […]

L-school update: 2 a.m. last night – Drive home from studying civ pro with my bro. Asleep by 3. 10 a.m. – wake up, fix lunch drive to OKC 11 a.m. – Went by Coits for a diet Root Beer, then to grocery store to buy some low-carb study snacks Afternoon – @ OCU trying […]

My Civ Pro Outline – Download it now Download in Word .doc format — This is for Professor Von Creel’s Civ Pro (Spring 2003 – Section 1). The outline is essentially an abridgement of a much better outline by one of the folks in my section with supplementation from other sources (I did change her […]

L-school Update Listening to lots of Godspeed you Black Emperor today. It seems appropriately bleek for my descent into hell (a.k.a. studying for L-school finals) Civ Pro studying is looking much better. I did get a killer outline from someone in my section that helps. Now trying to abridge that puppy. The next hurdle will […]

Austin Gene Chapman’s Blog – Gene Chapman is on what a death-fast in front of the IRS regional offices in Austin. Here’s more on him at A guide to South Austin’s 78704 zip code — one of my favorite zip codes. My time living in that zip (with my old friends the Axtels) was […] © 2015 Frontier Theme