Is crazy busy right now. I decided to go ahead and get my truck’s transmission fixed so I’m trying to rake in as many hours as possible these next few weeks. It looks like I’ll hit 60 for this one if I stay on track.

    What is weird though is that these nutty hours have actually made me feel much better about my career in law. I think part of it is that I know what I’m doing is actually helping people, real people (especially when I’m preparing bankruptcy petitions). If anything this last week has reminded me about why I decided to go to law school in the first place.

    On another slightly related note, I got an email from a law school friend who told me he is transferring away from OCU next year. We will definitely miss him as he was our class president, but his departure has made me consider possibly running for the spot myself next fall. It would be a 60 foot jump into a tub of water but I think it would be worthwhile. If nothing else, I would have a mighty good platform to speak out against future tuition hikes. (If any of my classmates are reading this I would appreciate y’all’s thoughts on if I should do this or not. Email me at jmb(at) or call me. I don’t want to try for this unless I feel that I would be supported in this.)