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Month: September 2003

More on Cabin Building

Today I’ve taken a few hours off from the usual grind to do some figuring concerning the cost & design of building a cabin. Here’s links that I found useful in that quest… The Ozark Cabin website – one of the most useful resources. Very similiar to what I would like to do, except i […]

Miranda Stone

I want to say a shoutout to a friend from my glorious summer times at the Cornerstone Festival, Miranda Stone… whose song “Seven Deadly Sins” was named as the 2003 Songs from the Heart contest winner by the The Ontario Council of Folk Festivals (OCFF) If you’ve never heard Miranda, drop whatever you are doing […]

The law v. Telemarketers

Thanks go out to Suasponte for the heads up on this story… Yahoo/AP: Judge Rules Against Do-Not-Call Registry (from the story a picture of the US courthouse for the Western District of Oklahoma) SF Gate/AP: Judge who sided with telemarketers is flooded with calls from angry consumers Chicago Sun-Times: Do-not-call bill sails through House — […]

From way up yonder in the great north

One of my all-time favorite bands the Urban Hillbilly Quartet has just released a new album (A-List, a collection of their best songs from their previous gloriously good albums) that I reckon will be worth getting. Also, they’ve now debuted a newly improved website with a genuinely folksy feel. It can be found at […] © 2015 Frontier Theme