• In an MSNBC/AP story entitled U.S. Army Islamic chaplain detained — Yee was assigned to Guantanamo Bay; no charges filed there is a very disturbing sentence (emphasis added is my own)…

      In an interview conducted with The AP in January, Yee refused to answer questions about the depth of his involvement with the detainees, who then numbered 650, and now stand at about 660 — mostly men but at least three teenagers from 43 countries.

    Why has the media not questioned the detention of juveniles at America’s POW camp and why are these young people still being held?

    The very idea that America has such a POW camp outside the rule of law (Guantanamo Bay is not considered as being US territory, so there’s no access to Habeas Corpus or other constitutional protections) is wrong and un-American, but to know that there are actually juveniles being held in this camp is disturbing beyond belief.

    I think the judiciary needs to wake up and pull the chain of the executive branch and order these POW’s to either be release, given Geneva Convention protections (as POW’s), or be brought to stand trial in the United States before a real court. The continued detention of these men and boys is a violation of international law and more importantly the values that Jefferson, Adams and the rest founded this nation upon.