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Month: October 2003

Kamato Hongo

Kamato Hongo, the world’s oldest woman (116 years) passed away today in Japan according to an MSNBC report. It’s sad read this report because she seemed like such a neat woman (see my post from September 16, 2003 about her) who maintained such a state of joyfulness. She seemed so blessed too to have such […]

Austin geek culture?

David Nunez has an interesting story about the brewing culture among the high-tech folks in Austin which I think is kinda cool. I wondered if this cultural dynamic would leave after Austin’s high-tech bust but I’m glad to hear it hasn’t. If Austin could merge its social conscience, its artistic energy, and its techno-savvy populace, […]

A record for me

Just have to note that for the next two days I am setting a new personal record for myself… the category: the most jobs held at the same time. The number: FOUR Hahaha, right now I’m working as (1)a minister for a rural church, (2) a para-legal for a law office that mostly does consumer […]


I haven’t posted a lot lately, mostly because I’ve been writing like crazy on my latest book protect but also because I don’t have much to say. Politics has me pretty down at the present moment and I just am choosing to ignore it to some degree. There’s just too much to be mad about […]


Here are a few websites of artists that I dig… Outside the Lines — The portfolio of Scott Cummins I really dig this guy’s fantastic watercolors (here’s one of my favorites and his very cool pumpkin carvings (his pumpkins are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before). Christopher Fitzgerald – he is involved with Hope Arts, […] © 2015 Frontier Theme