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Month: December 2003

Does God belong in politics?

NY Times: Putting God Back in Politics By Jim Wallis It represents well my own feelings about the relationship of politics and religion. (Wallis is the editor of Sojourners magazine) Also while I’m thinking about Sojourners here’s another op-ed from them that rings with clarity… ‘America, You Must Be Born Again’ — How Martin […]

This is too good RIAA Information Awareness Activism WhatACrappyPresent.comI love to see this kind of creative resistance to the ways that the corporate music industry is screwing us all. (I found these two sites by way of

More on Tokelau…

After the last post I made about free domains I found some websites with information on the nation of Tokelau. It is a fascinating place that is very isolated (one monthly cargo boat is the only contact the island has with the outside world other than by telecommunications). The island also has an incredibly […]

Free Domain names and webhosting

For any webdesigners/blog authors/etc. these two links might be of interest: The island nation of Tokelau is offering free .tk domain names. Here’s some more information on this program from their ambassador program that I am participating in: Hi Everyone!I’m writing today to let you know some really cool news. I just became a […]

Castro speaks out against American ‘Concentration Camp’

MSNBC: Cuba attacks Guantanamo use for prisoners — Calls holding center for terror suspects a ‘concentration camp’Castro’s criticism of the use of Guantanomo Bay for the detention of “terrorist” suspects is long-overdue but unfortunately not get the attention it ought to due to his past hyperbolic statements (if you ever listen to Radio Habana Cuba […]

Latest news about my life

Well folks it’s Christmas Eve. Time is flying fast. The last few days have been very busy for me as I have been on a massive cleaning operation on my humble abode with the help of my friend Rachel. (I’ll post before and after pictures later…maybe) I still have some work to do (bathroom and […]

Big news… There are two major news stories that are worth mentioning today… The Guardian/AP: Nader Won’t Run As Green Party Candidate — A disappointing move by Nader but not surprising. My guess is that he will run as Independent which I fear may fracture the Green Party. In the long run though I think […] © 2015 Frontier Theme