Well a quite a bit of good stuff has happened these last few days. Here’s a quick update…

The Christianity and Social Justice Conference at UCO (hosted by the Democratic Socialists and several other groups) was a resounding success. I’ll post more about it later (particularly on the remarks of Jim Bissett, author of the best book about the Oklahoma Socialist Party) along with some pictures, but now let me say that I came away from it with a tremendous amount of inspiration and new clarity about what it means to follow Jesus in the context of society and community. (I also will write an essay down the road that gives a bit more fleshing out of what I shared at the conference, and what I learned from the other presenters)


Then on Saturday afternoon was the Anti-war Fair. (an event designed to be a local rally in support of the 9-24 Antiwar rally in D.C.) I dropped by for just part of it and was pretty pleased with it. The crowd was pretty good sized (the Oklahoman says there were 1500 there at the height of it, which is surprising and cool) and the tone was better than I expected.

I still though feel more than a little bit of estrangement from the more angry vibe of the anti-war movement as compared to the spiritual-orientation of the peace movement, and this rally confirmed that. (particularly some of the signs that were carried… I’ll post pictures later) But thankfully those that are moving in the more hateful mode I think are a small minority of the movement, so I really don’t want to focus on that or get to down about that.

Then in the evening, we had our very first meeting of the Green Party’s State Cooperative Council (the replacement of the old state executive committee). The meeting I thought went really well and I think we are off to a good start. We’ll have minutes of the meeting posted later on our website (www.okgreens.org), but the news on my end is that I’m no longer state co-chair but am serving as the state secretary/legal represenative/webservant (thanks go to Bob Waldrop for the idea of being a webservant instead of a webmaster), mostly filling the very big shoes of Serena Blaiz (our outgoing state secretary/webkeeper, who did such a good job for us) who is now living in Texas and working for the Crawford Peace House.

As far as our other service positions go, Rachel Jackson (previous co-chair with me) is our new state facilitator, and Doug Vincent will continue on as our state treasurer.