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Month: November 2005

Ken Starr plays role in stopping 1000th execution since 1977

  MSNBC/AP: Clemency forestalls nation’s 1,000th execution — Virginia governor intervenes; North Carolina inmate next in line Lovitt’s lawyers, who include former independent counsel Kenneth Starr, and anti-death penalty advocates had argued that his life should be spared because a court clerk illegally destroyed the bloody scissors and other evidence, preventing DNA testing that they […]

Thanksgiving thoughts No Thanks to Thanksgiving – by Robert Jenson (Thanks to for this link) Robert Jenson’s (a well-known and/or notorious, depending on how you see things, UT-Austin journalism professor) essay gives a good argument of why Thanksgiving’s dark side as a “white-supremacist” holidary shouldn’t be celebrated. I definitely hear his point (but would […]

New coverage on Kathering Jashsinski from Austin & Milwaukee IMC’s Hometown Hero Katherine Goes Public in Refusal to Fight in the War Indymedia Milwaukee: TODAY! Army National Guard Spc. Katherine Jashinski refuses to deploy I hope to hear soon how folks can support Katherine (I’m assuming she’ll have legal bills and other expenses to come), but if anyone knows anything please post it […]

If it wasn’t bad enough already… US House considers proposal to force student loan borrowers to pay much, much higher interest rates The student-loan rip-off is a test of GOP rhetoric, by Dick Morris I don’t have time to research this, but I’m hoping some other blogs pick up on this story and start discussing it. Student loan debt is going to cripple a whole generation the way things are going (I am so thankful […]

My prediction — We may see a European court indict American officials for crimes against humanity

  MSNBC: Europeans: ‘Many hints’ of CIA prison flights — Investigator is looking into 31 flights, seeking satellite images” I may be reading too much into this, but I think that there may come a point when a European judge (maybe in Spain, since their courts assert jurisdiction to try folks for war crimes that […] © 2015 Frontier Theme