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Month: December 2005

What I’m reading

  I read Wendell Berry’s short story “Pray without ceasing” (found in his book Fidelity: Five Stories) yesterday morning and it has really stuck in my mind, in fact I would say it may be my new favorite of Berry’s works. Such an incredible story of genuine love and forgiveness within the context of the […]

The winter-time drought of 2005

  MSNBC: Oklahoma, Texas told to expect more fires — ‘Red flag’ conditions might return; Texas governor declares disaster ‘You can lose a house … losing a life is different’ (this story has a list of all of the recent grassfires on the sidebar… it is astonishing how bad things are getting… I can […]

Absolute madness — teacher of the year suspended and facing potential life in prison for growing marijuana

  NewsOK: Touted teacher, husband facing multiple charges Teacher, Youth Counselor Charged With Growing Marijuana KOTV: Broken Arrow Teacher, Youth Counselor Charged With Growing Marijuana Dare Generation Diary: Cannabis Production = Education Reduction? This is absolute insanity. This couple were productive members of their community (Rebecca was the teacher of year in Broken Arrow, […] © 2015 Frontier Theme