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Month: January 2006

The parameters of Religious Freedom & the argument I’ve gotten into with folks over it Funk Noodling — News With A Bite (scroll down to the section “UCO Christian Morning Radio Show”) This post was edited at 10:48 p.m. Added February 1, 2006: ADDITIONAL thoughts on this subject by myself are posted in the comments. On further reflection, I stand by everything I said about Governor Brad Henry. […]

CPT hostages are alive!

&nbp;’Last chance’ for Iraq hostages CNN: Iraq captors— Last chance for demand Also here’s the latest that came out by email from Christian Peacemaker Teams: CPTnet 28 January 2006 CHICAGO/TORONTO: Statement regarding video showing missing Peacemakers alive in Iraq [Note: Press conferences will be held today regarding the new video released on Al Jazeera […] © 2015 Frontier Theme