Longhorns win first national championship since 1970 — Vince Young leads Texas to 41-38 win over USC

MSNBC/AP: In-Vince-ible: Young lifts Texas to national title — QB runs for winning score with 19 seconds left to upset No. 1 USC 41-38 Tower lights mark victory at Rose Bowl

I caught the last half of last night’s incredible offensively-driven college FB national championship game in which Texas beat USC (which previously had been undefeated since… goodness it’s been a long time) in a game that I think is one of the best college FB games I’ve ever seen.

BTW, for those of you who wonder, while I’m not a big sports fan, I do enjoy seeing Texas play. I became a Texas fan when I lived in Austin and lived a few blocks from the stadium. I was too broke to pay for tickets, but I did catch the last quarter of quite a few games when they quit checking the tickets. Texas games are something else, so much energy with the band and everything…. in fact this is mildly obscene but I think I got the biggest kick out of one part of the fight song when the whole student section yells (while doing the horns hand sign) “Give ’em ****! Give ’em ****! Make ’em eat ****!”

And I also have a lot of fond memories of my last year in Austin, when I worked as a pedicab driver on game days, taking fans dressed from head-to-toe in burnt orange from the stadium to either their cars or the Scholz Beer Garten, which was always a hoot.)