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Month: March 2006

More on Abdul Rahman

  This is an update to an earlier post CNN: Bush pressures Afghanistan on jailed Christian I very much appreciate Bush for speaking out for this man, but part of me finds it hard to believe him. Other allies of the US (i.e. Saudi Arabia) dish out the death penalty for converts to Christianity as […]

A local beer blog

  Oklahoma Beer Guide— What’s available and where to get it — very neat blog that seems to focuses on the best of beer that is locally available, both at local brewpubs and at liquor stores (I’m just jealous that he thought of it first. I’ve been wanting to do a beer blog/review site for […]

The US did not “liberate” Afghanistan either — Abdul Rahman should not be executed!

  MSNBC/AP: Afghan convert may be unfit to stand trial — Prosecutor says Christian facing possible death penalty may be mentally ill KABUL, Afghanistan – An Afghan man facing a possible death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity may be mentally unfit to stand trial, a state prosecutor said Wednesday. Abdul Rahman, 41, has […] © 2015 Frontier Theme