Coffee. . . the new wonder drug


MSNBC: Drinking coffee cuts alcohol’s harmful effects — Just a cup a day helps prevent cirrhosis of the liver, researchers say

Improved liver function
The same study found coffee drinkers had healthier results on blood tests used to measure liver function, whether or not they were heavy alcohol users. Coffee’s effect on reducing liver enzymes in the blood was more apparent among the heavy drinkers in the study. . .

Woohoo! The Bike Show is back!


I’m really stoked today because my all-time favorite podcast, The Bike Show (from Resonance FM of London, England) is supposed to have a new program up today after almost a 2 month vacation.

I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who is into bicycling and bicycle culture. His shows are fascinating, with everything from interviews to bicyclists in a Brooklyn park, to a show about cops on bikes, to a show on Bicycle-inspired music (btw, Aaron, if you are reading this they reviewed a Ghoti Hook song on the March 6, 2006 episode . . . unfortunately they didn’t like it).