My brother’s construction completed construction project


Seekingtruthnow: Twisted Oak Fort

My brother Dan has some really neat pictures of the tree fort that he has finished renovating for our much younger brothers (Ben & Dave who are both 6).

Dan’s project has really sparked my imagination for a project of my own. I’m thinking about building a small “cabin” for sorts, out at my grandparent’s old farm (near the old community of Pine Ridge, Oklahoma), either a stand-alone structure similiar to Dan’s tree fort (if I did this, it would be a small room built on telephone poles, that would be big enough for a cot and a table for short retreats) or possibly taking a section of one of my grandpa’s old barns and using it as the shell for a small cabin).

Of course the big limiting factors are money and time, but maybe if I start small I can have a small weekend retreat built by this fall.

News from my campaign


Here’s something I sent out by email to campaign supporters, but if any of y’all would like to come to the rally it would be fantastic…

Hello folks,

I’m going to be attending the Raise Oklahoma rally at the Oklahoma State capitol tomorrow morning and would like to invite you to join me. The cause of raising Oklahoma’s minimum wage is a very important issue and I think it would be very good for Greens to be present at this rally to lend our support. (info on the rally is pasted in below)

I’ll also have some home-made campaign stickers that you’re welcome to wear. If you are coming and want to meet up, give me a call on my cell phone at 405-476-5620. (Or if you really want to have fun and ride to the rally by bicycle give me a call and maybe we can meet up and ride together.)

Yours for the cause of a true living wage,


J. M. Branum
Independent/Green Party member for House Dis. #99

RAISE Oklahoma


We The People Rally
At the capitol
Monday June 19, 2006
10:00 AM
South Capitol Steps

We have a last chance to help

pass a

Minimum Wage Bill

Representative Richard Morrissette D-92 is introducting minimum wage bill HB-1224

Please come and Bring Your Friends

RAISE Oklahoma
2415 N. Hudson
Oklahoma City, OK 73103