I used to do a really good job of keeping track of my daily mileage (here’s my last such update from back in May), but I kinda fell of the wagon. I didn’t ride a lot during those last few weeks of May, but then after that I started doing the pedicab and started putting crazy miles on (and was too busy making money to try to calculate milage).

But just for kicks, here’s my very rough estimate of my milage…

I’ve riden the pedicab for a total of 21 working days. On all but two of those days I’ve riden my Schwinn Hybrid bike to/from the Pedicab shop (on the east side of Bricktown on Sheridan). If I take the most direct route, I ride 3.4 miles round-trip. I also remember riding to the state capitol for filing as a candidate, over to Wendy’s for a church social, and to the YWCA on NE 19th & MLK for a candidate forum, so my conservative estimate on the hybrid is 73 miles.

As for the pedi-cab miles that is way harder to estimate. My best guess is that on a typical night I would at least 25 miles (on a busy night quite a bit more, but I’m going to guess conservatively — my only way to guess is to figure the average number of blocks covered per passenger, but I don’t think my estimate is too high because I heard that one guy with GPS tracked his nightly milage at around 40), so for 21 nights at 25 miles, I would have covered 525 miles.

Also, lastly I did rent a bike when I was in New Orleans back in late May. I have no idea how many miles I rode, but I’m guessing it is around 15.

So here’s the summary

Total 2006 miles to date: 969
Total mileage per bike: 985.8 -New Schwinn Hybrid; 2.8 (plus lots unrecorded) -Old Schwinn MTB; 8.0-Graziella Folding Bicycle; 525 – estimated miles on the Pedicab;