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Month: August 2006

An atheist manifesto Imagine there’s no heaven, Atheist Manifesto — by Sam Harris (thanks to Re Collection for this link) This is an intriguing and strident essay in which the case for atheism is made. Many of the arguments are familiar to me (and I think not only to atheists, but to many questioning believers), but […]

It looks like I’ll get to meet one of my heroes this October 8th Annual Prairie Festival — 30th Anniversary of The Land Institute, October 6-8, 2006 Guest speakers will include Jakob Von Uexkull, founder of Right Livelihood Award; Wendell Berry; Frances Beinecke, Executive Director, Natural Resources Defense Council; Ray Anderson, Interface, Inc.; David Orr; Laura Jackson; and Doug Tompkins. The Land Institute’s scientists will give […]

Tremendous news for LGBT couples Pension Law includes important protections for same-sex couples under federal law— Human Rights Campaign Helps Secure Key Provisions to Assist GLBT and Other Americans WASHINGTON — The Federal Pension Protection Act passed by Congress and signed into law today by President George W. Bush contains two key provisions that will extend important financial […] © 2015 Frontier Theme