I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on the blog, but I switched pedicab companies about a month ago from Brickshaw Buggies to Bricktown Pedicabs (here’s a post that shows pictures of the cabs with Brickshaw). Both companies are good folks to work with, but I made the switch because the rent was cheaper with the other company (and I digged the cabs that my new company uses… full sound system built in and real nice seats for passenger) and I can wear whatever I want to work. (I so much rather wear hawaiian shirts than those stupid white shirts that get dirty so easily).

Also though I’m working on a website for Bricktown Pedicabs, hopefully incorporating the dark purple color scheme of the cabs into the layout.

But while on the subject of pedicab websites, here’s a website I did back in 2001 for Austin Bike Cabs (they now have a MUCH better website at AustinBicyclecabs.com). Also the other company I worked with in Austin has a new website too – Capital Pedicabs.